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It’s a widely know vaping cartridge in the marijuana economy, but it’s not a licensebrand. And it’s got the kind of market buzz no legitimate company would want,buy dankvapes ,dank thc cartridges- vape cartridges-dank carts online.

The vaping cartridges that go by the catchy, one-syllable name “Dank” — a slang word for highly potent cannabis .

The suspect Dank vapes are a familiar product in the underground marijuana economy — it’s not a legal, taste brand.
It’s merely a name on a box or a cartridge, packaging that’s easily obtainonline and use by  illicit producers to lure customers.

But with colorful boxes and names like Cherry Kush and Blue Dream, the homemade vapes appear convincing on the shelf.

buy dankvapes -dank thc cartridges-buy carts online-carts for sale-carts

“It doesn’t look very different from what you can buy in a (legal) dispensary,” said Beverly Hills-base cannabis attorney Allison Margolin.

So far, investigators have not identify a culprit in the illnesses report in dozens of states. But officials say patients have mention the Dank name frequently.

Many of the people who got sick in Illinois and Wisconsin, for example, said they used cartridges sold in Dank packaging,order exotic carts,buy smart carts.

The raw materials to produce a Dank vape aren’t hard to find. Ready-to-fill Dank boxes and cartridges can be ordered from Chinese internet sites for pennies apiece.

A Craigslist post last week offered a box stuffer with empty Dank packages for $16. And you can buy the boxes and empty cartridges in shops in downtown Los Angeles.

A rogue producer adds cannabis oil — almost certainly untest — and it’s ready for sale,cartridges for sale

“It’s a generic product name that doesn’t really tie back to one store or one distributor,” Dr. Jennifer Layden, chief medical officer for the Illinois Department of Public Health, said last month.

“Folks are getting it from friends or folks on the street, with no understanding of where it came from prior to that.”

The chief selling point for pot vapes in Dank packaging: It’s a quick high on the cheap, available for as little as $20 a gram on the illicit market, roughly one-third of what a customer would pay for a cartridge in a legal marijuana shop in California

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